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Technical ceramics Suppliers of ceramic dewatering systems for the pulp and paper industry.

Our firm is an independent company in Hungarian ownership that makes developments, manufactures and trades all over the world.

The company is based in Veszprém, in the west of Hungary in the middle of Europe. We have 140 employees, the manufacturing plant is 4700m2.

96% of our products are exported. Our main customers come from the USA and different countries in Western Europe and we have partners in South Europe, in the Far East, in Mexico and in Canada as well.

We manufacture 50 Million technical ceramic products a year with various technologies such as: isostatic pressing and grinding, dry pressing, extrusion and high pressure injection moulding.

The products are made of 90%-99,7% alumina-oxid (Al2O3) and Zirconia. Our big advantage is that we have base material producing capacity.

In order to meet the requirements of our customers at a higher level, we have been operating our manufacturing technology in compliance with the standard ISO 9001:2008 since 1995.