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TCP profiles for scorers - “SHOK BLOK” “Pocket system” for perfect lap cuts Pull Rolls, scoring heads, slotting heads, machine screw bars, cleanout fingers

TECHNICARTON is a French owned family company which is located 40 kms from Lyon.

The company settled up as a professional manufacturer and lead marketer of high precisions cutting tools and machine knives for the corrugated board industry.

Created in 2000, TECHNICARTON is now the European leading company for the production of slotting knives (more than 7000 pieces per month in 2014).

Our main technical advantages are:
- Technical improvements
- High quality alloy tool steels
- Modern heat treatment
- Recent CNC milling and grinding machines
- On-site technical support
- Highly efficient after-sales service

Not only we have a large experience in manufacturing, the best state of art equipment and highly skilled team behind us, but we also provide after-sales service, on-site technical support and logistics service through our worldwide sales network.


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Technicarton Shok Blok