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Braketex & Clutchtex pure Kevlar fibre friction material New & Unique 100% Kevlar-fibred polymer composite friction material for reel stand brakes, clutches. It is also used in the mining industry.

Who is Tribco?

Tribco is a small high technology company that produces the world's most advanced friction products for brakes, clutches and other industrial applications.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, Tribco was launched in 1981 with a single purpose: Use space-age technology to solve the world's friction-lining problems. From a bootstrap start-up, Tribco has grown into a company whose friction products now solve thousands of friction problems—and can solve those confronting your customers. In fact, the marketplace's widespread acceptance of Tribco's friction products proves just how well those products perform! Today, Tribco's friction products are manufactured at its engineering, production and office complex in Cleveland.

What is Unique About Tribco?

Tribco is the developer and exclusive manufacturer of the world's first 100% KEVLAR® fiber textile composite friction material. Tribco markets the material under the name Braketex® when it is used for brake applications and Clutchtex® in clutch applications but it is the same lining in both instances.


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